Saturday, April 16, 2016


Grit courage and resolve; strength of character.  synonyms: courage, bravery, backbone, spirit, strength of will, toughness, determination, tenacity, perseverance, endurance.  

My mom likes to do hard things.  She's physically strong, emotionally strong, and spiritually strong.  She is not afraid of a challenge.  This isn't rooted in pride but grit.  When going through the process of having cancer and 'watching' for cancer, it is an up and down journey.  There are lots of opinions of different Dr.'s, this Dr. says hopeful things, that Dr. says the opposite and on and on...there came a time when my mom had to decide not to go on the ride any longer.  She wasn't moved by what a Dr. said or didn't say.   She became unwavering. 

My mom stayed true to who she is.  A diagnosis doesn't change that.  This does not mean its easy, it's a decision.  This photo was taken a couple months ago.  She sent it to me laughing about what she did that morning.  In the middle of the season of up and down she had to decide if she was going to be 'sick' now.  Should she slow down?  Should she stop doing things she loves that are hard?  Nope.  My mom goes on a run everyday, rain, snow, heat, nothing keeps her from going outside.  This particular morning obviously it was snowy and icy, she found her workout was only bearable if she stayed in the crunchy grass but not on the pavement that was covered in a thick sheet of ice. She literally had to crawl on her hands and knees to cross over every driveway.  She pushed past every obstacle that came to stop her fear, pain, and pride.  To me this photo is not a silly thing that she did one morning, this is a picture of true grit.  When I was told she was having one last dose this round, this photo came to my mind instantly. Then I remembered a sermon series we did when grit stood for Grace Released In Turmoil.  Oh, Jesus you are good.  Understanding Gods faithfulness and His goodness and His mercy doesn't mean there is no action on your part.  My mom still had to get on her hands and knees and crawl, she still had to choose to take another dose that comes with so much pain and suffering.  But God gives His grace in the middle of this turmoil.  

I could not be any more proud of my mom or 'Derbs' like I call her.  She is such an example for us all!  I think we all can learn from my mom and show a little more grit in our everyday lives.  

I love you all, your prayers towards our family is a big splash of love...Thank YOU!  



  1. Your family has always inspired me. These past couple of months reading all your posts and hearing just how amazing and loving you all are is very inspiring. I pray every day for your momma and you all. I know this is a tough journey but, it is one that your mom is taking in stride and it is truly inspirational. Love you all

  2. This brings tears to my eyes. This so perfectly describes your amazing mom! GRIT - Grace Released in Turmoil is exactly what is happening.