Friday, April 15, 2016

Last Dose of Week 2!

This is Friday.

We didn't have the 7am dose and Debbie was feeling pretty good. She had planned on being done with doses for Week 2. She was even starting to entertain thoughts of possibly getting to go home today.

She had been turned down on the Neo throughout the night. She was at 95 (Neo) and they typically want her under 75 to get a dose. We had been told that she could refuse a dose even if they wanted her to have it.

The doctor came in around 830am and was pleased with Debbie's recovery. Much to Debbie's dismay,  he wanted her to have another dose. She was visibly upset. She asked for clarification. He repeated.

She agreed to take the dose. She is so strong!!

Doctor Smith said we could go ahead and do the dose and not wait until 3pm. The later she has the dose, the longer we have to stay at the hospital. She had the last dose a little after 9am.

The last dose had a couple new side effects. She got the shakes and a fever. They gave her some Demerol and warm blankets.

With the fever and some nausea, she lost her appetite. I have been feeding her ice for the last hour or two.

Her skin is starting turn red and puffy. She calls it the IL2 peel.

Now we wait to see what happens with her blood pressure...


  1. Thank you again for the update . Praying that Debbie recovers quickly
    Asking again that the IL2 would do what it is suppose to . Prayers for rest , that Debbie knows she is being held