Friday, March 25, 2016

Done with Doses

Debbie had her 3pm dose yesterday and it ended up being her last dose. So she ended up receiving 5 of the possible 14 doses. This is average. The main objective of this treatment is to push her body as much as possible and get as many doses in her as safely possible while boosting the immune system.

Doctor Smith came this morning and told us that they have pushed her hard enough for week 1. He said her CO2 was a little low and her Blood pressure wasn't stabilizing (also the Neo dose was too high) He told us no more IL2 doses this week. He is happy with how the treatment has gone.

Now, her blood pressure needs to stabilize and she needs to get weaned off of the Neo. Her electrolytes and phosphorus levels need to be acceptable. She has to be able to walk around without passing out. The triple lumen PIC needs to be removed.... I'm sure I'm missing some of the steps.

The goal is to be home by tomorrow evening.

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