Sunday, March 27, 2016

Worst Day Yet

It was great to be home, but it ended up being the worst day yet.

The fluid buildup and swelling was painful. Different areas of her skin were inflamed and tender. Areas were starting to peel and flake off. Her mouth is very dry and her teeth hurt. Her lips are dry and cracking. The diarrhetic she took caused her heart to beat rapidly and irregularly. This caused her to feel bad through the night. We spoke to the on-call doctor and the nurse that discharged her. They said to drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest. Not a lot of help for us at the moment. They prescribed the diarrheic to help get the extra fluid out of her body. She isn't going to take that again, so we need to an alternative to be prescribed.

She woke up with the worst headache of her life and had to just sit in the dark with her eyes closed. She could't do anything... Couldn't even pray. All she could do was say Jesus - over and over.

They told us that the IL2 would come home with us. They were right.

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