Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Video From Kiara

     This is beautiful Kiara.  If you want to follow her journey go to Prayers for Warrior Princess Kiara on Facebook.  She had Metastatic Medullablastoma and has been cancer free now for 6 months.  She has gone through and is still going through a lot, all while remaining so brave.

     Her dad talks about how she recently had an IV attempt that failed that resulted in tears from the both of them.  Everything was delayed and Kiara went nearly 17 hours without food before sedation.  However post MRI and lumbar puncture she was all smiles waking up to her treat of oreos and chocolate milk.  He said "this girl is resilient beyond belief, she is a champion at facing and doing the hard things."  He said "I'm being taught lessons daily by my daughter, and I'm thankful I'm her dad."

     Not only is Kiara strong, she has a heart to pass her strength onto others.  She sent my mom this video message.  My mom said it was such a gift she wanted to share it with all of you.

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