Friday, June 10, 2016

Answered Payers

Debbie received the 11pm dose last night. This was her 4th dose. The doctors expected her to only get 4 or 5 doses, so this is a win. We have spent all day today weaning off of the Neo. The nurses think they can have her off of it by morning, so hopefully we can satisfy all of the requirements to get home earlier on Saturday.


We started out Week 3 with many of the nurses congratulating us on being here. The staff was truly happy that we were there. They explained that most of the people they see for Weeks 1 and 2 don't come back. The only people that come back for Week 3 are the ones that are responding to the IL2! Sadly, 90% of the people don't make it back for Week 3.

We have heard more stories from the staff about tumors the size of tennis balls disappearing and people being cured. We have learned about other indicators that the IL2 is working such as reduced platelet levels. Debbie started Week 3 with her platelets around 335 and they are currently at 105!

This week has been tough. Being confined to a hospital bed, hooked up to monitors and pumps, having her blood pressure rise and fall like a roller coaster and being made sick by the IL2...all in a normal week of IL2. 

But honestly Week 3 has been somewhat of a breeze. Honestly. You can ask Debbie. 

She hasn't had any headaches, body aches, diarrhea, vomiting, shakes or rigors and hasn't had much nausea. 

This is exactly what we (us and all of you) have been praying for...Maximum effectiveness and minimum side effects and discomfort.


Thank you team!!

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  1. Praise God! We are rooting hard for you Debbie!!

    Michelle - the other half of Vintage23