Tuesday, June 28, 2016


A pic from our walk last week

Because this is Week 4, Debbie's body responded quickly to the IL2. 
Debbie had her first dose at 3pm yesterday. Her body reacted quickly and her blood pressure dropped to 60 by 7pm. She was itching uncontrolably, nauseous, feeling sick and hallucinating (she saw red spots all over me) The nurses quickly got everything under control. She ended up getting on the Neo quicker than she ever has before. 

Her BP has been a roller coaster and trying to keep it under control has meant higher doses of Neo. Higher doses of Neo mean less doses of IL2. If the Neo dose goes too high, she has to go to ICU where other methods are used to help get her BP under control. 

All of this could be really stressful. But it really isn't. We could be sick with worry about "What if?" We have surrendered the outcome of this whole process to God. No matter what happens, we will be good. 
We surrendered the outcome before we started treatment. 

We are children of God. Nothing can change that. We are totally and completely loved by God. Nothing can change that. We have our foundation. This has given us peace that surpasses understanding. This has given us the strength and courage to endure this process. God has provided for us time and time again! 

We feel so thankful and blessed. 

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