Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ready for Week 4

Tiger & Debbie bonding

We can't believe that two weeks have flown by! 

Week 3 ended up being pretty good. The treatment did hit Debbie pretty hard for a couple of days after we got home. She was VERY nauseas and had another crushing headache that lasted for most of a day. She had to take meds and sleep a lot. All the water weight came off pretty quick. Her skin is still all flaky and usually doesn't clear up on this shorter break.

Debbie loves horses. 
She had one growing up and has always dreamed of owning one again. God has known this and has been giving Debbie many blessings. God brought some special people into her life. Debbie has been blessed by Sharon & Susan, two women that live down our road. They have horses and barns and riding arenas! Their willingness to share and spend time with Debbie has meant the world to her.

She has been riding Susan's horse named Tiger. I think she is falling for this big guy. She hopes to lease him and ride him ongoing. She got to ride on Saturday evening and she said it helped her be ready for Monday (when she begins Week 4). It was something to dream about and be grateful to God for providing a desire of her heart. She looks forward to getting out of the hospital and riding him soon.

We head back to the hospital tomorrow morning. The picc (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) is scheduled around 8am and her first dose will be at 3pm.

I will keep you updated from the hospital.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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